The One Percent Series: Dangerous Edition

Here’s the original idea behind the One Percent series I did a while back.

The idea behind the series was to take a look at our (American) society and it’s preoccupation with money through wealthy cartoon characters and generally famous hip hop quotes dealing with money. I chose the characters based on if the they were portrayed as do-gooders or not. Basically if you were to put them on and alignment chart, they would be between Chaotic Neutral  and Neutral Evil.

After talking to a few friends about their thoughts on the pieces, one commented that a Darkwing Duck variant would be killer. I gave it some thought and decided to give it a go.

Prior to this, I had never taken a piece I had created and “remixed” it. It was always either one and done or one and fix.  Taking something that I had previously created and slightly altering it was going to be an adventure.  Thankfully, it wasn’t too wild.

I found that the trick to making a variant like this work is to edit the original as little as possible. I ended up taking out the stitches on Scrooge and adding the mask and hat. I had originally wanted to keep the hat and just extend the brim out to DW proportions. That didn’t work so a rebuild of the hat was in order.

As you can probably see, Darkwing has the halftone shading that is present on Rich Pennybags. This wasn’t something that I had done with the original Scrooge McDuck piece, so i wanted to make sure that it got included as I feel that is something that I’ll continue to use.

darkwing duck wall

For those that like the piece, click it to download a wallpaper version. The dimensions are 1920×1080. Just a little something to say thanks for stopping by. If you really like the piece, head over to the shop and pick up a print of it. It’s sized 18 by 24 inches, so finding a frame shouldn’t be too hard.


Keep Rockin’ Baby


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