‘Sup Internet.

I’m Sean-Paul and I run S-Ranked Design Armada. I’m the Founder, Creative Director, Production Artist, and everything else for this small studio. You’ll usually see (or read) me refer to it as just S-Ranked for short. This is the home for all of my professional creative endeavors. While I’m an expert in all things vector, that doesn’t mean that I won’t make a motion graphics piece or a 3D render, or something else outside of what you would expect from a very small visual design studio.

If you’re wondering about where the name S-Ranked Design Armada came from, then I implore you to keep reading as all sham be revealed.

S-Ranked refers to an interesting phenomena that I had noticed while playing video games and watching ANIME (Japanese animation). During his watching/gaming sessions that there was a theme of rank that was present in many titles. Either the player was assigned a rank based on their performance or some form of character(s) in a show had a rank that showed how well they did a task. ¬†What I noticed was that while ranks always went from F to A, like grades in school, there was always a rank higher than A. Generally speaking, I found that rank was “S”. ¬†Reserved for the elite; a mark that denotes epic badassery.

While the Design part of the name is self explanatory, the Armada might not. One of the dreams I have is to create an umbrella where other similarly amazing and complementary creatives could help each other and build great working relationships. They would be like a loose Armada of ships sailing towards being the best ever. It might sound like a bit farfetched, but try to imagine explaining an iPhone to someone from the 80’s.

Now that I’ve explained the name, let’s talk about the work I’ve done. I have worked for both a host of well known companies such as VIctoria’s Secret PINK, Scholastic Inc, Foot Locker, and Adidas. And that ‘s just in the US. Once we go international, that add Disney, Oreo, and Chips Ahoy! I have also worked with more local and start-ups than I can remember. I’ve worked in a variety of mediums like graphic design, motion graphics, videography and photography. I can create just about anything for both print and web.

Now we’re going to change gears. This is where our paths can go beyond just crossing and actually become entwined.

Do you have new business and need a logo along with business cards and other materials? I can and want to help. FYI, this is referred to as branding in the design world.

Are you planning an event and want invitations and a thank you gifts to give your attendees? I’m your guy.

I can and want to help you succeed. Shoot me an email from either the contact page or at digispa at s-ranked.com. Even if you don’t have a project and just want to talk “shop”, send me a note or find me on a social media channel. The ones that I’m a part of are listed to the side.

The Creative Work & Portfolio of Sean-Paul Adams