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The One Percent Series

What started out as a simple idea turned into something much bigger. That’s usually how it goes in the movies anyway.

I have always admired the stark lines and contrast of inked comic books and Japanese manga. The line work has always been something that i could lost in.  The details and precision of the lines I remember finding fascinating.

So how does that love of line work get us the the 3 piece series in this post?

Well, it started with a conversation with my cousin and Monopoly came up. We both agreed, nearly immediately, on two points. One was that the game never actually ended and the second was that the Monopoly man was the personification of white-collar crime.  His objective, and by playing the game yours too, is to make as much money as possible without getting thrown in jail.  My cousin and I are both visual artists (he’s a tattoo artist) decided that i should illustrate the Monopoly man with the quote “Scared money don’t make money” .

That conversation was a few years ago. Maybe like 2 or 3 years to be exact. Since then I had left the idea alone. That is until this past winter. While trying to figure out the layout and gathering reference material, I wondered if I could do this any other characters. I stopped researching the Monopoly man and began thinking of other wealthy characters.

Of the 4 characters I initially thought of, Richie Rich got cut. He’s too much of a nice kid to go with he rest of the cast. What remained was Scrooge McCrook(McDuck), Mr. Burns,  and the man that started it all, Rich Pennybags (aka the Monopoly Man). FYI, this is the order they were made.

The style I wanted to try was similar to the comics and manga that used to adore as a child and still love to this day. I also wanted to try something different as much of my work up until this point had been pin-up style pieces with a heavy injection of anime. I wanted to try to emulate some of my favorite designers like Joshua Smith (Hydro74) and Jared Mirabile (Sweyda) and make it mine at the same time.

The result is a triplet of posters that have a very serious presence. The style, to me, is unique but familiar. The highly contrasting black and white is something that many of us have seen before. What I like is the halftone patterns that begin to show up in Mr Burns and were solidified with Pennybags.

Take a look and tell me what you think.